Training: Telephone visit of a medical representative

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Target group: Medical Representatives and Regional Managers of OTS and RhS Divisions

Online training

Training goals and objectives
  1. To teach the necessary skills to cling to the conversation and “activate” the doctor or pharmacist, aimed at recommending the drug;
  2. To teach the correct preparation for the call, depending on the type of client;
  3. Pump the training matrix according to a special model;
  4. Strategy: informational occasion;
  5. Create a productive and positive attitude to “warm” calls;
  6. To form a clear understanding of the technology of behavior during “cold” calls;
  7. To teach how to quickly get in touch with a client by phone;
  8. To teach to concentrate on the burning interests of the client and professionally present the goods;
  9. To master and consolidate methods of working with frequently encountered objections of customers by phone;
  10. Consider and work out techniques for completing the sale by telephone.
Training program

· Goals and objectives of the training;
· Definition of call types, goal setting.
· The purpose of the “cold” and “warm” call;
· What prevents to be effective in calls;
· Telephone ethics;
· When to call;
· Installation things.

· Definition and setting goals of a specific call;
· Updating customer information and adjusting the rhythm of speech;
· Drawing up a conversation plan;
· Preparing for a call within the framework of “IRRRA”, creating an informational occasion;
· Psychological training.


1. Capturing customer attention:
· Ways to capture the attention of the client;
· Volume
· Tempo;
· Intonation
· Timbre

2. Hook of clarity:
· Why am I calling;
· Ways to overcome primary resistance;
· Information occasion.

3. The development of hidden and obvious needs:
· Bringing the desired frame;
· Key short questions.

4. Presentation, work with objections and completion of the sale:
· Method of effective argumentation, three-layer argumentation;
· Phrases ligaments;
· Scripts of informational messages;
· Causes of objections;
· Analysis of common objections;
· Types of objections;
· Models of working with objections;
· The principle of vaccination of objections;
· Ways to close sales by phone / at a meeting. 5. End the call.
· Actions after the end of the call.

Workshop: calls.

· Objection handling techniques.
· Ready-made speech modules, scripts of answers to the main objections of doctors.
· The technique of three-level argumentation and detuning from a competitor.
· Vaccination technique and proactive testing of an imminent objection.

Workshop: working with objections by phone.
What will the participants / company receive after completing the training
  1. A professional and motivated team, despite restrictions on access to doctors and pharmacists;
  2. Increase in sales through new skills, approaches and current techniques in telephone sales;
  3. Increasing the number of customers and their active recommendations;
  4. Customer retention.
Results of participants after the training:
  1. Be able to plan your work effectively for a day/week/month;
  2. It is right to prioritize your work;
  3. Easily get in touch with the customer;
  4. It is right to identify the customer’s needs;
  5. Correctly present goods or services by phone;
  6. Effectively deal with customer objections;
  7. Professionally complete the sale by phone;
  8. Be able to analyze strengths and weaknesses with further setting goals for the next call, email.
Group up to 35 people
The duration of the training is two days
· Remote training uses individual exercises, real calls, group discussions in chat;
· Each participant receives presentation material that completely duplicates all slides and talking points of the training;
· Each participant receives an electronic certificate of training.
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